How do I use the same Stick for two or more consecutively cooks?

Cooking multiple meat dishes consecutively using the same stick is a breeze. No need to return the stick to the charger to initiate a new cooking session. The app handles this seamlessly by automatically generating a new cook entry when it detects the completion of one cook and the start of another.

Here's how it works:

Effortless Transition: Upon finishing one cook (when the desired temperature is reached), the app smoothly ushers in a new cook entry as you proceed to the next culinary endeavor.

Timing Precision: Ensure that the gap between two consecutive cooks remains within 15 minutes. This ensures a seamless transition. If the interval exceeds 15 minutes, it's recommended to set up a fresh cook using the stick to initiate the new cooking process.

Adjusting Cook Settings: Should you wish to modify cook settings for the next session, the app enables easy editing of cook details.

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