What is WiFi Link and why is it important?

In iOS 14, the MeatStick App requires the WiFi Link to work. So, how does the MeatStick WiFi Link work?
WiFi Link lets you extend the range of The MeatStick.
The MeatStick provides a range of 33 ft / 10 m when cooking in the open air, but the range can become greatly limited depending on a number of factors such as cooking environment (covered grill, oven, smoker, or sous vide), the layout of your home, and the amount of radio interference in the area.
WiFi Link is useful in situations where the range has been greatly limited or just if you want to be at elsewhere. WiFi Link allows your extra device to share information about The MeatStick's currently being used to cook to The MeatStick Cloud.
Place a smart device at least 6ft of The MeatStick, it will use WiFi Link to transmit and share all temperature data and settings with the other devices on the same account.
To use WiFi Link, you'll need access to at least another compatible smart device with access to the same WiFi network and internet.
To set up WiFi Link on your devices, simply have The MeatStick App downloaded on each device, and each must be connected to the same WiFi network. Each device needs to be logged into the same user account.