What is WiFi Link and why is it important?

What is WiFi Link: In iOS 14, the MeatStick App utilizes WiFi Link to enhance its functionality. But what exactly is WiFi Link and why is it important? WiFi Link is a feature that allows you to extend the range of The MeatStick, providing you with more flexibility and control during your cooking process.

How WiFi Link Works: WiFi Link comes into play when you want to extend the range of your MeatStick's signal. The MeatStick typically offers a range of 33 ft / 10 m in open-air cooking scenarios. However, this range can be limited due to various factors such as the cooking environment, home layout, and radio interference.

WiFi Link becomes especially valuable in situations where the MeatStick's signal range is significantly limited or if you wish to monitor your cook from a distance. By leveraging WiFi Link, you can use an additional smart device placed within 6 ft of The MeatStick to transmit temperature data and settings to The MeatStick Cloud. This allows you to stay informed about your cooking progress even if you're not in close proximity to the cooking area.

Setting Up WiFi Link:

To use WiFi Link effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have access to another compatible smart device connected to the same WiFi network and internet.

  2. Download The MeatStick App on each device.

  3. Log in to the same user account on each device.

  4. Place the additional smart device within 6 ft of The MeatStick.

By incorporating WiFi Link into your cooking routine, you can achieve greater control and convenience in monitoring your cooks.

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