The app keeps telling me I am not connected? How do I increase the range of my Stick?

If you're encountering an app notification stating that you're not connected and you're looking to enhance your Stick's range, consider these insights:

  • Wireless Range Factors: Wireless range is influenced by factors such as the thickness and material of the cooking enclosure, as well as the proximity to your smart device. Keep in mind that metals and water can significantly diminish the Stick's effective range.

  • Boosting Range with Xtender: An effective way to extend range is by situating your Xtender in close proximity. These devices act as signal amplifiers, resulting in substantial range expansion.

  • Utilizing WiFi Bridge: Another option is the WiFi Bridge. It allows signal transmission via WiFi or cloud to your primary device, effectively extending connectivity.

Reactivating a Disconnected Stick: Should you be certain that range isn't the issue (you're positioned near the Stick) and a disconnection occurs, the Stick may have turned off. Reactivate it by cleaning the Stick, returning it to the charger, and pressing the button.

*Please note that the Stick is not compatible with microwaves or combo microwave ovens, as their walls absorb signals.

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