What do the MeatStick 2018 Charger’s lights mean?

The MeatStick 2018 Charger features LED lights that convey important information:

Initial Power and Stick Attachment:

When powered and a Stick is attached, the charger's LEDs will flash red/green for 30 seconds.

Stick Power Level:

After the initial flashing, the LED colors denote the Stick's power level:

  • Flashing Red: Below 30%

  • Flashing Orange: 30% - 60%

  • Flashing Green: 60% - 95%

  • Solid Green: 95% and above

  • Turns Off: Fully Charged (100%)

Temperature Effect:

If the ambient temperature is below 65°F, LED statuses may appear off due to the Stick's battery voltage. However, the charging function remains unaffected.

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