How do I charge my Stick?

There are a few different ways you can charge your Stick:

The MeatStick and the MeatStick Mini:

  • Direct Charging: Place the Stick on the charger and press the button. The indicator light briefly turns on, signaling charging activation. You can check the charging status in the App, where the Stick's battery icon with a lightning bolt indicates it's charging. Charging stops when the Stick is fully charged, typically taking 2-4 hours, or you can check the LED of the charger.

  • Periodic Charging: By keeping the Stick on the charger, it will periodically check and charge the battery if necessary. Typically, placing the Stick on the charger after cleaning it at the end of a cooking session ensures it's fully charged by the next day. To check the battery status, activate the Stick by pressing the button on the charger, then remove it. The battery status will quickly appear in the App.

Make sure to clean your Stick before charging to ensure it is charged properly.

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