What do the Advanced Settings mean?

The MeatStick App has 3 Advanced Settings:
Demo Mode: Activating Demo Mode will allow cooks made by an account to be only editable by that account owner. This mode is made for those demoing The MeatStick to allow others to follow along with the cook on their own phone without being able to change the cook settings.
Stick Registration: Activating Stick Registration allows your app to only see Sticks that are registered and ignore all others. This is useful if you are in an area where others are also using The MeatStick (ie. community kitchen, the park, BBQ competition, etc...)
Stick Color Update: This function is to correct the color of your Stick in case of a reset.
Please contact our Support Team to receive the permission code.
You can send a support request from the app to do so (Menu -> Help -> E-mail, on the upper right corner of the screen > Email Support).
Select the color you'd like to change your Stick to and follow the instructions in the App.