How should I store my Stick?

Properly storing your Stick ensures its longevity and optimal performance. Follow these guidelines:

Put Stick On the Charger: We recommend leaving your Stick on its charger when it's not in use. This practice is not only convenient but also ensures that your Stick's battery remains charged and ready for action. Before placing it on the charger, ensure both the Stick and the charger are clean and free from residue. Keeping your Stick on the charger is the ideal approach, as it maintains a full charge. Please note that if the charger's batteries deplete, it won't be able to charge the Stick effectively.

Charg Sticks Periodically: To maintain battery health, we suggest charging each Stick every 3 months, and at a minimum, every 6 months when not in use. This periodic charging prevents battery depletion and ensures your Stick is always ready for your cooking needs.

By adhering to these storage recommendations, you'll ensure that your Stick is always powered up and ready to assist you in your culinary adventures.

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