What does The MeatStick / The MeatStick X charger's LED indicate?

The MeatStick & The MeatStick X Chargers
When a Stick is on the charger and the button is pressed, the LED will turn on green or red depending on the status of the charger's batteries. It will then stay on to indicate the stick is charging (it will turn off when it's done charging)
If you have a Stick on your charger yet it is flashing green then five times red, it means the charger is unable to detect a Stick and so cannot activate nor charge it. In that case, we advise you to clean the stick and the contact points on the charger properly and contact our Support Team if it doesn't solve the issue.
Once the button is pressed and the Stick is removed from the charger, the MeatStick X Charger will switch into Xtender Mode (Bluetooth Signal amplifier). This will be designated when the LED is slowly flashing once the Stick has been removed. Xtender mode will turn off when it does not receive any signal from a Stick for 30 minutes. If there is a Stick on the charger, the LED status for charging (solid green) will take priority over the LED status of Xtender mode (flashing green). If charging is completed and Xtender mode is still active it will begin to flash green. If another Stick is placed on the charger (no button press), then the charger will continue to be in Xtender mode and not charge the Stick. Once the button is pressed it will start charging the Stick that’s on it and continue Xtender mode. As such LED status will change to solid green instead of flashing green.