The 2018 Stick isn’t charging what should I do?

Encountering charging issues with your 2018 Stick? Here are some steps to resolve the problem:

Clean Contact Points: Ensure that the stainless steel contact points on the stick are clean. Wipe them to restore their metallic appearance, avoiding any black residue. Refer to our cleaning guide for more details.

Wait for LED Activation: Depending on the power source, the charger's LED might take a moment to activate. Give it around 40 seconds to see if the LED comes on.

Fully Charged Indicator: If the LED was previously on or flashing but isn't now, it likely means the MeatStick is fully charged. You can either replace the MeatStick on the charger or remove it to turn it on.

Check Connection: If the LED keeps flashing after charging for over 6 hours, there could be an issue with the connection between the MeatStick and the charger. Clean the MeatStick cap and reposition it on the charger. If the flashing continues, please contact us at

No LED Activation: If the charger's LED doesn't turn on when the MeatStick is plugged in, first plug the charger into power without the MeatStick. Then, place the MeatStick onto the charger after powering the charger. If the LED still doesn't activate after 40 seconds, please contact us at for further assistance.

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