The 2018 Stick isn’t charging what should I do?

1. The stick contact points are dirty. Please clean the stainless steel parts so they look like steel and not black. To learn more, check out "How should I clean my Stick?".
Remember don’t get too far from the MeatStick. WIthout the Xtender / WiFi Bridge, the MeatStick’s range could stand up to 30ft / 9m. We recommend the Xtender extends that range up to 100ft/ 30m indoors and 300ft/90m outdoors.
2. Depending on the power source, the charger's LED may take some time to come on. Please wait at least 40 seconds for it to come on.
3. If you've gone away and the LED was on/flashing and now it isn't, the MeatStick is fully charged. Replace the MeatStick or remove the MeatStick to turn it on.
4. If you've charged the MeatStick for over 6 hours and the LED is still flashing, there may be something wrong with the connection between the MeatStick and the charger. Please make sure the cap of the MeatStick is clean and replace the MeatStick on the charger (take off and put back on). If it continues to flash after hours please contact us at [email protected]
5. If the charger LED isn't turning on with the MeatStick plugged in, please plug the charger into power without the MeatStick. Then place the MeatStick onto the charger after the charger is powered. If no LED turns on after 40 seconds, please contact us at [email protected]