How does the 2018 Stick work?

The 2018 Stick offers a simple cooking experience with these steps:

  1. Charging the Stick: Plug the micro USB-powered charger into a power source. Place the Stick on the charger and ensure it charges for a minimum of 4 hours before its initial use.

  2. Activating the Stick: Press the button on the charger to activate the Stick. In the app, select the Stick and choose your desired cook.

  3. Inserting Stick into Meat: Remove the Stick from the charger and insert it fully into the meat, up to the ceramic handle. Position the notch in the thickest part of the meat, avoiding fat and bones.

  4. Real-time Data Monitoring: Receive real-time data on your smartphone. The app will notify you when your meat is ready. Note that the Stick will be hot after cooking, so handle it with care when removing

  5. Post-Cook Care: After enjoying your cooked meat, allow the Stick to cool down. Clean it thoroughly to maintain its pristine appearance.

These steps make the 2018 Stick a convenient and reliable tool for achieving your desired cooking results.

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