How does the Xtender (X chargers) work?

The Xtender is designed to boost your signal range effortlessly. Here's how it works:

When activated, the Xtender captures signals emitted by nearby Sticks. It then amplifies and rebroadcasts these signals, extending the range of your MeatStick devices. To benefit from this feature:

  1. Insert 2 x AA batteries on your chargers.

  2. Xtenders will automatically turned on when you put batteries in the chargers.

  3. If there are batteries inside the chargers, simply press the button on the charger to acivate the Xtender mode.

  4. You can check the Xtender mode status of the charger by observing the LED light on the charger. If there's a constant green light blinking on the LED, it means that the Xtender mmode is on.

  5. Position it in close proximity, within 6ft / 2m to your Stick, ensuring an improved signal.

  6. Continue your cooking process with added confidence.

Upon completing your cooking, the Xtender will automatically turned off if it does not detect any live Stick for 10 minutes.

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