What does The MeatStick (2020) charger's LED indicates?

Understanding the LED indications on The MeatStick (2020) charger is crucial. Here's what you need to know:

Button Press Activation: When the button is pressed, the LED illuminates for 5-8 seconds. The light indicates the Charger is able to charge only. It does not indicate it is currently chaging the Stick.

Power Level Indication: The LED color signifies the power level of the 2 AAA charger's batteries. Red indicates low power AAA batteries (AAA batteries are running low). Green indicates adequate power AAA batteries (AAA batteries are in good condition).

No Stick on Charger with Button Press: If no Stick is on the charger and the button is pressed, the LED will again illuminate (Green/Red) for 5-8 seconds. However, if no Stick is detected, the LED will rapidly flash red five times.

Note for Rechargeable Batteries: If rechargeable batteries are used, the red indication might appear earlier and last for an extended period.

These LED indications offer insights into your charger's battery status.

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