How do I optimize my Stick's range?

The MeatStick harnesses Bluetooth technology to transmit data to nearby devices like phones, tablets, WiFi Bridge, or Xtender. A clear line of sight between your device and The MeatStick significantly augments its range. However, various cooking settings might not facilitate an unobstructed line of sight.

The Bluetooth antenna resides in the MeatStick's black ceramic handle. To maximize range:

  • Maintain Stick Distance from Cooking Enclosure: Keep the handle at a minimum of 4 inches away from the cooking enclosure. Bluetooth signals are absorbed by metal walls, so ensuring distance prevents interference.

  • Optimal Handle Direction: Orient the handle perpendicular to your device's position. This positioning ensures optimal signal reception.

  • Consider Aluminum Foil Usage: When using aluminum foil, make sure to position The MeatStick's handle outside the foil. Wrapping the Stick inside an aluminum foil will obstruct connection.

For even greater range expansion, explore options like WiFi Link or The MeatStick Cloud.

*Please note that The MeatStick is not compatible with microwaves or combo microwave ovens due to signal absorption by the walls.

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