The Bridge is set up and I created a cook but when I leave the WiFi network I'm not getting a signal

If you're encountering signal loss for your cooks outside your WiFi network, here's how you can ensure seamless connectivity:

MeatStick Cloud Setup:

To receive signals through the cloud, it's essential to set up the MeatStick Cloud. Follow these steps:

  1. MeatStick Account Creation/Log-In: Create or log in to your MeatStick account within the app. The recipes on your Bridge will be associated with the account they were created from.

  2. Account-Linked Recipes: Recipes created without an associated account might not provide signals outside your WiFi network. Example: A recipe created while not logged in won't be accessible even after logging in.

  3. Troubleshooting Steps: Should you experience loss of signals, follow these steps: - Delete the recipe that's not delivering signals. - Recreate the recipe while logged in and connected to the same WiFi as the Bridge. - The Bridge will sync the recipe and transmit data points to the cloud for future reference.

By adhering to these guidelines, you'll ensure consistent connectivity and access to your recipes even outside your WiFi network.

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