How do I use the Xtender and the WiFi Bridge together?

For seamless cooking with both the Xtender and WiFi Bridge, follow these steps:

  1. Xtender Setup: Place the Xtender near your cooking area, within approximately 6ft (2m) of the Stick's location. Turn on the Xtender.

  2. WiFi Bridge Installation: Position the WiFi Bridge within 300ft (90m) of the Xtender, ensuring a strong WiFi signal. Turn on the Bridge and wait for it to display "No Recipe."

  3. Activate Sticks: Place the Stick you want to use on the charger and press the button to turn it on. Create your cook, remove the Stick from the charger as instructed, and insert it into the meat.

  4. Repeat for Multiple Sticks: Repeat the activation process for each Stick you want to use, ensuring they are within the Xtender's range.


Prioritize WiFi Bridge, The App will display the WiFi Bridge icon, as it takes precedence over the Xtender.

Enjoy cooking with both Xtender and WiFi Bridge in place, you're all set for an enhanced cooking experience.

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