What is The MeatStick Cloud, and how to use it?

Using The MeatStick Cloud
The MeatStick Cloud will send your cooks into The MeatStick Cloud. Using an internet connection, your phone, tablet, or the Bridge will send your cook and stick data to the cloud to be downloaded by other phones or tablets through the internet.
What is required to use The MeatStick Cloud?
To use The MeatStick Cloud, you'll need:
- Sign up for a free MeatStick account logged into on each phone or tablet
- A phone or tablet with an internet connection
- At least the Bridge and Wi-Fi with an internet connection or a spare phone or tablet with an internet connection (through WiFi or mobile internet)
(Screenshot of Sing in and Sign up)
Does The MeatStick Cloud use your cellular data?
The MeatStick Cloud will use your cellular data when it is not connected to a WiFi connection with internet. If you wish to turn off The MeatStick Cloud you may do so in the settings.