Why is my Stick not connecting or not found in the App?

This might have happened because:
1.Your stick is not placed correctly on the charger. The Stick's round metal cap should touch the metal spring of the charger, just like in the picture below:
2. There is an issue with your phone's Bluetooth. Restarting your phone may fix it.
3. In your phone settings, Locations permissions are not set to "Always" for the MeatStick App.
4. Your MeatStick hasn't been charged long enough. Your stick may not be charging because the contact points between the stick and the charger are not neat. Please clean the round metal cap and stainless steel parts so that they look like steel and not black.
For more information, see:
To charge the Stick, place it back in the charger and press the button. Let it charge at least overnight before trying to connect it again.
If it still does not appear, please contact our Support Team.