How can I edit the temperature during a cook?

Our app offers flexibility in adjusting your temperature settings even while cooking. Here are how you can edit the temperature of your cook:

Mid Cook Adjustments: You can modify your targeted temperature and meat doneness settings while your cook is ongoing. The app is designed with modularity, allowing you to access and update settings at any point during the cook. Simply press your Stick’s cooking tag, and then press the edit button at the bottom of the page to start editing your cook.

New Cook Setup: To make changes during a cook, start by clicking the "+" icon located at the top right corner in the "Now Cooking" page. This action allows you to create a new cook for a different Stick or setting. If you have completed the cook, you can end it by accessing the menu or simply swiping to the right to reveal the "end" option.

By offering this flexibility, we aim to make your cooking experience seamless and adaptable to your preferences.

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