Why is it necessary to allow the "Location Services" while using The MeatStick App?

Location Services are required for The MeatStick App to work. With the Location Services turned off, the app cannot actively search for the Bluetooth transmissions from the Stick.


Apple does not allow apps to access Location Services all the time without a proper reason. They have tested our app and our Stick (We did send a MeatStick set to Apple HQ) and have confirmed that Location Services are required for the app and product to work. We do not use any other services that are part of "Location Services" except for the Bluetooth listening service that is required to get data from the Sticks. You may disable it when the app is not being used. However, we do recommend it be set to "Always" when it is used otherwise when the app is in the background it will not be able to receive temp signals.

IBeacon is Apple's brand name for this kind of technology. To be allowed to collect the MAC-Address which is specifically needed to enable this feature, you have to Allow the Location Services to give Bluetooth access to it. Apple requires a proof of the necessity of using permanent Location Services. Therefore, we sent them a test kit of our product to let them test the need for it and it was approved. Otherwise, it would not have been able to provide our MeatStick App on the App store.

If you are not using The MeatStick App, you can always turn off the Location Services in the IPhone Settings. If you start the App again it will ask for your permission.


Bluetooth requires the MAC-Address. Therefore, it is needed for your permission to permanently have access to your location.

You always have the free choice of what you want to Allow or not and it is freely adjustable.

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