The app keeps telling me I am not connected? How do I increase the range of my Stick?

Wireless range is dependent on the thickness and material of the cooking enclosure and the distance to your smart device. Metal and water tend to greatly reduce the range of the Stick.
The easiest way is to place your Xtender or your X charger nearby as that will rebroadcast the signal for huge range gains.
You may also use the WiFi Bridge which will allow it to transmit the signal through WiFi or cloud to your main device.
If you are sure there is no range issue (you are right next to the Stick) and it seems to have lost connection, the Stick most likely has gone to sleep and needs to be reactivated. Please clean the Stick and replace back onto the charger and click the button.
Wifi Bridge connectivity
*The Stick will not work in a microwave or a combo microwave oven as the walls will absorb all signals.