How close do the Xtender / The X Chargers need to be to the Stick?

For optimal performance, keeping the Xtender or X chargers close to the Stick is key. Here's what you should know:
Ideal Proximity: Closer placement yields better results. Select a nearby, shaded, and open location without obstructions. If you need to shield it from rain or direct sunlight, avoid using metal covers as they impact signal range.
Directional Placement: To maximize signal range, position the Xtender / chargers in the direction where you intend to receive the signal.
If you use the attached magnet to place it on your oven/grill, ensure it's not on a surface that gets hot.
Recommended Distance: We recommend having the Xtender / chargers at least 6 ft / 2 m away from the Stick, if not closer.
Please note:
If using the attached magnet for placement, ensure it's not on a heat-sensitive surface.
Max Distance for the MeatStick, The MeatStick X and Mini X charger, and device
By adhering to these guidelines, you'll enhance the effectiveness of your devices.
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