How to charge my Stick? What kind of batteries are necessary to operate the MeatStick charger?

There are 2 ways to charge the Stick.
1. Place the Stick on the charger and press the button. The light will turn on for 5 seconds and then turn off. If the light turns on, it means the charger's battery has power and will activate the Stick and begin charging it. You can confirm it's charging by going into your App and seeing the Stick with the battery with a bolt of lightning through it as follows. When left on the charger, the Stick will go to sleep so you won't be able to see it in the App (but continue charging) after some time so that it can charge quicker. It will stop charging when fully charged. (around 2-4 hours)
2. When the Stick is left on the charger. The charger will periodically check the battery status of the Stick and charge it to full if it is not full. Hence with normal usage, if you place the Stick back on the charger after you wash it at the end of a cook, it will be fully charged the next day. Checking the battery status of the Stick Press the button on the charger to activate the Stick. When you see it in the App, remove the Stick from the charger and the battery status of the Stick will soon appear in the App.