How do I optimize my Stick's range?

The MeatStick uses Bluetooth to transmit its data to nearby phones, tablets, WiFi Bridge or Xtender. Having a clear line of sight from your device to The MeatStick greatly increases the range. However, different cooking environments will rarely allow for a clear line of sight.
Bluetooth antenna is located in the MeatStick's black ceramic handle.
The first tip to increase the range is to keep the handle at least 4 inches away from the cooking enclosure. Metal walls like to absorb Bluetooth signals and when they are too close, they will be absorbed.
The MeatStick's placement in a meat
The second tip is to have the handle point in the optimal direction. The handle should face perpendicular to where your device is positioned.
The MeatStick's placement in a meat
When aluminum foil is used, The MeatStick's handle should be poking outside the foil.
If you would like to increase the range even more, we recommend using WiFi Link or The MeatStick Cloud.
*The MeatStick will not work in a microwave or combo microwave oven as the walls absorb all radio signals.